Siesmorgraph Of Quakes

Natalie Sanchez, Staff Reporter

L.A. SIESMOGRAPH – In the live newsroom of ABC’s “Quake Cam of L.A.”, otherwise known as a siesmograph, is rapidly showing live earthquakes in Los Angeles, Southern California.

In clas 4-300, they have a live newstream of a quake cam. It shows a live seismograph that records  earthquakes that happen in Los Angeles, Southern California.

When you see the needle moving up and down, creating a trail of ink, that’s when there is a quake.

Do you live in California? You must have tons of earthquakes! California is right near a fault, or crack in the Earth’s crust. It is right near two tectonic plates that move. The movement creates earthquakes.

Are you ever curious when there are earthquakes happen in California? SOLUTION!

You guys can check out channel ABC’s “Quake Cam” to get the scoop! Here is the link: