Apple Watch

Natalie Sanchez

APPLE COMPANIES — The Apple Company has just cme out with a new creative device, the Apple Watch. Though it is small, it has many great features.

The new Apple Watch is a “computer” on your wrist, like a watat’s why they call it an Apple Watch; it’s an original Apple Product and a watch-like device. It even has a touch screen with buttons. Hmmmm . . . what do others think about this Apple Device? Well, I got to ask Nicole some questions, who has many creative and thoughtful thoughts on this watch. “I think it’s a good invention from Apple because you don’t need your phone to talk to people. You just need the watch to talk to anyone, no matter the distance.” Nicole explains. “Also, with a phone, it can be easily stolen. But, with this watch, no one can steal it, because it’s on your wrist.” Did you know that this cool invention can send messages, give directions, track fitness, pay bills, etc? Well, it does! It can also control Apple TV, and act like a walkie-talkie and a viewfinder for an iPhone camera. This really cool, multi-use watch will be coming out soon, in early 2015. Be sure to hit the nearest Apple Store to check out, and possibly even buy, this inventive watch!

Oh! By the way, checkout for more information on the Apple Watch, and on the other products provided by the Apple Companies and stores.