The Dress Debate: What Color Is It?

Natalie Sanchez

WORLD WIDE WEB – Someone posted a picture of a dress on Tumblr, asking what color it is. This dress is now trending, leaaving a huge debate between this question: Is the dress blue and black or white and gold?

Well, there are many theories as to what the colors of this dress are: blue and black, white and gold, brown and blue, etc. But the most popular color combinations are blue and black, and white and gold. Many celebrities have their own opinions about the dress color, not just you and I. For example, Kim Kardashian tweeted that she thinks the dress is white and gold. Also, Taylor Swift tweeted that she thinks the dress is blue and black. Which side do you agree with? “Isn’t the dress blue and black? Who can’t notice it?” I said. However, Karen says “It’s white and gold – it’s really there!” It seems to be a really big debate! Scientists have put their words out, too. They say it could possibly have to do with whether or not you wear glasses, how well your eyesight is or, it could also be an optical illusion.  The photo may have been edited by lighting, or the difference in colors is because of the way your eyes see it. In all, it’s really up to you. Think about it:  Is the dress blue and black or white and gold? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, to add onto this debate.    #blueandblack  #whiteandgld #thedress