Reading with Lexiles, Not Letters

Natalie Sanchez, Staff Reporter

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SCHOOL WIDE: Our school has made a change in how to record student’s reading levels. Instead of using the “letter system” we used in the years passed, we will now be using “Lexil.”

“Lexile” is used to record student’s reading levels. They are used with number; they tell which place you fall in, based on your reading level you score on your most previous reading test. For example, let’s say that on your most previous reading test you score 1220 points, and you are in between a 9th- and 10th-grade level . That would make your Lexil 1220. Most schools are using this system.

Our school has decided to use Lexil instead of Fountas and Pinell aka the “letter system” (i.e., if you are a level A,B,C,D,E,F … until you get to a level Z+) because, “‘Lexile’ is easier to use. For example, if you score something in between a V and W, you wouldn’t know which to choose, since you can’t just say that your reading level is a ‘V and a half.’ However, Lexil resolves this situation, since you can use a decimal when writing the number you are.”

Once you get your Lexil from your teacher, make sure to look up to find the just right books for you and your level. Using “Lexile” is definitely a huge improvement in our school’s reading level grading system, and will surely be better and easier to work with for this year, and the years to come

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