Thankgiving Cultural Feast

Natalie Sanchez, Staff Reporter

MAIN BUILDING – On November 25, 2015, P.S. 83’s Main Building held a cultural feast in honor of Thanksgiving!

From grades 5 and up, P.S. 83’s middle schoolers brought in dishes (either meals or desserts) from their country. I actually took part in the feast, and I saw people from my home country, Dominican Republic, bring in flan (a cake made of sugar, carnation milk, and sometimes topped off with caramel syrup), which was really enoyed by everyone; even people who were not from D.R.! Some other things I saw were rice pudding (a dish from Bangladesh), yellow rice with lentils (a dish made by Latinos), sugar money (an Albanian dish), lasagna (an Italian dish), etc. “The food was delicious!” says a student who took place in the event. “It was fun to have a little piece of someone’s culture. I’m also glad that others got taste what I brought.” Even the teachers loved what their students brought!

The Thanksgiving Cultural Feast was such a success. I can’t wait for next year’s feast!