Food Drive is in Full-Affect

Natalie Sanchez

P.S. 83 SCHOOL WIDE – P.S. 83’s annual “Food Drive” is in full-affect!

The purpose of the Food Drive is for our students and staff members to bring in as many canned-foods as possible. Once our time is up to bring in the canned-foods, which is December 18, 2015, they will be sent to families who need it most and can’t afford to buy food. Our mission statement is to: “Remember the less-fourtunate this holiday season.” If we all bring at least one thing, we can have “more than 1,700 cans,” as Brandon Muccino stated in a morning announcement on 12/9.

I am such a fan of this event they have each year: but not because of the pizza party my class might get if we bring in the most cans, or if I earn Bulldog Bucks for bringing in 10 or more items. I like this because we get to think of others, instead of ourselves, for the holiday season. Some kids might complain because they want more presents for Christmas, or because their parents won’t let them have anymore desserts and sweets after the Christmas/New Year dinner. I think that they shouldn’t complain, because I bet they still have a great Chrismas/New Year, and there are others in this world that can’t even have their families over or have food to eat. They don’t have what we have, so we should consider ourselves lucky. We should want to give, instead of get.

PLEASE participate in our Food Drive! If you don’t go to our school, you can still participate in yours. Let’s spread some ‘ho ho ho’-liday cheer!