El Nino: A Warm Winter?

Natalie Sanchez

EAST COAST – During half of the 2015-16 winter (from mid-September to December), instead of the usual winter-weather being 0 to 30 degrees, it was in the high 60s to even low 80s. It is because of El Niño.

El Niño  is a series of very warm/hot weather taking place in the winter, and occurs every few years, perhaps every 3 (If you ask me from personal experience). It is left a very peculiar, complex feeling to many East Coast residents, especially in New York and New Jersey. Usual New York and New Jersey winter-weather is 0 to 30 degrees, but when El Nino hits it has most people in sudden shock. “Typical El Niño effects are likely to develop over North America during the upcoming winter season. Those include warmer-than-average temperatures over western and central Canada, and over the western and northern United States. Wetter-than-average conditions are likely over portions of the U.S. Gulf Coast and Florida, while drier-than-average conditions can be expected in the Ohio Valley and the Pacific Northwest. The presence of  can significantly influence weather patterns, ocean conditions, and marine fisheries across large portions of the globe for an extended period of time,” according to the article What are El Niño and  El Niña? 

Most people are ecstatic about this! “I love this weather! I hate winter, and I’m glad that that it’s been warm for a change,” says a New York resident. This is also said by an East Coast resident: “I love it! It’s perfect weather, ad when I go to work I won’t have to wear a jacket and look like a yeti! Great way to welcome in 2016, too.”

It is now really cold, almost freezing, though. The cold weather made its come-back one or two days after New Years Day. The warm weather has left, as well as everyone’s happiness! How did you feel about the El Niñwinter?

How do you feel about the warm winter in NYC?

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