Mr. Muccino Lends a Hand to Sixth Grade Class

Natalie Sanchez

CLASS 6-310 – Mr. Muccino, our principal, is one of many remarkable, staff members any student or teacher could ever think of since he ran P.S. 83. Very soon, besides doing his daily good deeds, he is personally willing to spend some money for the sixth-grade class 310 to have new and fun-to-read books!

Mr. Muccino will buy class 6-310 new books for their classroom library because they mostly have old, passed down books from former fifth- and sixth-grade teachers. Additionally, most of the books’ reading levels are below a lot of the students’ levels, so they don’t have completely helpful texts to read that can help with their reading when they read each day. (For this class, 30 minutes of reading is required as daily homework.) Mr. Muccino, being his thoughtful self, decided to change this. “It’s unfair that these kids do not have good books,” he explains. “But I knew that if I had the ability to change this for the better, I really should and will.” He occasionally visits this English class and enjoys being part of their class discussions.

Ms. Weihe, the teacher of 310, appreciates this act of his. Whenever he comes over, she feels like he’s one of her students! “It is very kind and generous of him to help me and my students.” Every student agrees, too. When Ms. Weihe announced this news to the class, all you could hear was “Yes!” and “That’s so cool!”, and bright smiles were reflecting off their shining-bright faces.

Besides this act of generosity, Mr. Muccino will continue to bring exciting surprises, and will leave the kids and teachers with an ecstatic, joyful feeling. He does what he wants for his students. Sure enough, he is honored with a beautiful gift each and every day; it is the vision he uses in order to see the best in each student, which shall never, not ever, shine too bright to not be seen . . . with the heart.