No more timed state tests!?!

Sara Pekic, Staff Reporter

New York- Students all over New York State stress about the time limit on state exams. The state exams are stressful, three period exams that take 3 days for each subject (ELA and Math). However, in 2016 the board of education decided that these stressful tests would no longer be timed! Also, this year the Pearson publishing company will no long be creating the NYST. A new publishing company is taking charge and the rumor is that they are involving experienced teachers. They will give their input and be creating the test so that it would be based on what students actually learn in class. So this year the New York State Tests will hopefully be a lot easier for students and for teachers, because if a student fails, they blame the teacher for it. Overall it will be a lot better that they aren’t timed and that teachers are actually creating the tests. Do you think untimed tests are the answer? Why do you think the state test is important?