Crazy Weather!!Ahhh!!

Angelica Diaz, Staff Reporter

Intense Weather-Well, in New York, as you may see, the weather is going koo koo. Rain, snow, storm, intense wind – I feel like the weather is bullying us! So many days inside, so many days where we just sit and watch movies! But at least it’s almost spring. When it becomes spring, I expect less days inside being cooped up and more days outside playing while running free! We are tired of one day snow, the next rain, melting all the little amounts of snow we can play with! And the wind is crazy, too! It can just blow away all the papers you need for homework, and you’ll get in trouble for being irresponsible, it seems. Well, that’s your fault, wind! Ugh, weather, please, stop bullying us. What did we do to you?

OK, after reading all this, stay safe everybody!