Bookworms’ Hearts: Shattered!

Angelica Diaz, Katelyn Ramirez, and J.K. Rajjo, Staff Reporter

Illustrated by Janelly Medrano

BARNES & NOBLE, BAY PLAZA MALL – As you have probably heard from the news, Barnes & Noble, the only bookstore in the entire Bronx, is CLOSING. You heard right, closing! Tons of people are disappointed about this. The decision has already been made. They are going to replace the store for another clothing store., called Sak’s Off! “What a rip-off!” says Danielle. P.S./M.S. 83 has held many event in Barnes and Noble, like performances by the chorus crew and cheerleaders. Now, the whole school is sending to them letters, begging them to reconsider the closing of Barnes & Noble. Will they reconsider and stay at the Bay Plaza Mall? Will they keep their promise and re-build their store in another location in the Bronx? Many residents of the Bronx, as well as the students of P.S. 83 hope so. Besides, that’s where the majority of us buy our books.