Turtle Takeover!!!!!

Turtles are predicted to take over the world in 20 years.

Samuel Buena, Editor

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Bronx– These cute slow reptiles may be an endangered species, but they have a secret most humans aren’t aware of. Don’t believe this? Well turtle expert Samuel Buena quotes, ” Turtles are predicted to take over the world in the next 20 years.” Studies show that turtles now want revenge on humans because of us decreasing their population. If you want to stop this “turtle takeover,” we have to observe the global temperature, which affects how turtles hatch. We also need to observe the pollution in the sea, as if it wasn’t worse enough, because sea birds and sea animals can get suffocated and even killed. If we don’t stop these problems, turtles will take over the world. Turtles now are angry at us and will cause more problems than we already have.

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