Valentines For Veterans!

Angelica Diaz, Staff Editor

February 16, 2017- Was the day when the after school clubs, student council, and chorus went to an annual Valentines for Veterans trip. Weeks before, the student council put up posters around the school to tell students as they walk in the halls what they can give to the veterans. Donations ended on February 1st, but there were many donations for the veterans in need. In fact many of the students council members, like the president, Ashley De la Cruz, believe there were many more donations than last year. “I was so surprised, I thought that because there was less last year, there would be even less this year. But a miracle it is that so many more kind students participated.” The trip they went on was really an honor to participate in, for Mayor Bill Deblasio, Ms. USA Deshauna Barber, and many veterans were there. “I was so surprised to see the mayor, Ms. USA herself, and many other veterans here. I never thought I would see them ever. Such an honor helping the veterans.” said Isabella Lozano, another member of student council. There were many things happening at the convention for Valentines for Veterans. Including a speech from the mayor, who we’d like to quote saying, “We thank the many of those who contributed in this Valentines for Veterans cause, they are helping our country so much, and especially helping our veterans. We cannot thank you enough.” All those veterans are thankful for PS 83’s donations, the school really has bulldog pride. Go bulldogs!