Vincent Balbuena, Taibah Nasser, and Chelseanna Andrews

P.S. 83- There are tryouts for basketball ,volleyball, indoor soccer, and Flag Football. Here’s the question of the day: if you could choose a sport to try out for, which one would it be?

Vincent-”If I could go for tryouts I would do Flag Football because I’m fast and I like throwing most of the time, so I think it would be fine for me.

Xaxier- “Basketball is my favorite sport and I would like to do the tryouts because I love playing basketball,and I love the the way how NBA played so I wanted to be like them. Usually I would play with my friends and to get better. I could play every time and don’t give up.”

Jeremy- “I tried out for Soccer, and I got in. I was playing hard and having fun.”

Ellena- Volleyball is my favorite sport because I can spread out my feelings and I used to play soccer and gymnastics. I have two sisters who play volleyball so I think they would like to do the tryouts .

The tryouts are in. Now we have new teams that will be starting next week. Thanks to all the people who try to get on the team. Not everyone got to be on the teams, but maybe next time you’ll make it in.