The National Junior Honor Society

JK Rajjo, Samuel Buena, Ellena Regalado, Madison Ravenell, Sophia Verdeflor, and Jason Reyes

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an amazing society. It is a national organization that aims to acknowledge middle school students that have high academic achievement, have demonstrated strong leadership skills, and have participated in community service. According to our school, PS 83, students with a “cumulative scholastic average of 90%” and a “minimum attendance requirement of 90%” can be eligible to join this society. A ceremonial event was held at PS 83 and the students were honored for their achievement and hard work on May 30th, 2017 at 6PM.

We spoke to the children from class 6-308 who got into the Honor Society, Angelica D., Era B. and Isabella L., in an exclusive interview. First, we spoke about the feelings the students felt after getting into the NJHS.

Reporter: How does it feel to get into the Honor Society?

Angelica D.: Good, because it’s an honor and that there are students that get good grades and good attendance that will lead them to a good high school.

Era B.: I feel very honored and I feel very intelligent now because this really raised my spirits getting into honors, knowing that I achieved this.

Isabella L.: It’s an honor because it makes me feel special and smart.

Next, we spoke about the hard work they did to maintain an over 90% average in your studies and attendance.

Reporter: Explain the hard work of maintaining an over 90% average in your studies and attendance.

Angelica D.: Well, you have to study hard and you have to be here [Reporters Note: By “here,” she meant the school] everyday.

Era B.: So, what I did was that my sister was in 701 and 801, so she taught me everything and so did my mom and my family. I was born into a family who always works hard, who always do everything for what they want to achieve and they get it with hard work so I do all this work and I study hard and I try my best.

Isabella L.: Well, you have to study at home and throughout the day and you have to work hard when you have to take a test and do classwork. And whenever you have work to do, you do it.

Finally, we asked the students what tips they would like to give to other students who want to achieve the same goal (getting into The National Junior Honor Society).

Reporter: What tips will you give to the people who want to achieve an over 90% average in studies and attendance?

Angelica D.: Like I said, study hard, do your best and be here [Reporters Note: By “here,” she meant the school once again] everyday because attendance is important

Era B.: I would say, work hard, never give up, always study, try your best, don’t be lazy and do your work.

Isabella L.: Continue doing good work and never feel bad.

We are all proud of our P.S. 83 scholars.