A Surprise Skype Guest Attends a Newspaper Meeting

Gentian Ademaj and Jessica Brown

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Guess what? We got to talk to our Principal, Mr. Muccino. He agreed to a Skype interview with the newspaper club to share the details of his recent injury. We all missed Mr. Muccino and were curious to know how soon he will recover and how the accident has been affecting his everyday life. Mr. Muccino hurt his leg after he fell off of his motorcycle. A woman near the accident site called for help and he was taken to a hospital. He had to wear a cast for several weeks and had to give his body lots of rest in order to start the healing process. He stacks pillows in order to keep his leg safe and comfortable. Mr. Muccino tries to do as much as he can on his own. Can you believe he still cooks for his family and drives! He told us that he needs to set aside extra time to get places. At first he had a scooter, which we all found pretty interesting (no, he does not use it for tricks even though he probably could). Now he is using crutches. He still can not put all of his weight on the leg because it is still healing. Mr. Muccino told us it might take up to a year before he’s totally recovered. The news paper club was very happy  that he would be ok. On another note, it was really fun and cool to get to Skype the principal! When asked, Mr. Muccino said he’d be happy to Skype us more frequently next school year. We look forward to adding a Principal’s Corner to our paper!

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A Surprise Skype Guest Attends a Newspaper Meeting