Newspaper Trip

Lea Caceres, Staff Editor

On May,24 The Newspaper club had a trip to the “Dieu Donne Paper Mill” where we got the opportunity to make our own customized paper. Amy Jacobs along with several other artists talked to us about the history of paper, it’s uses and how it is a craft and can be an art form too! She showed us samples of art pieces created at their studio. We even got to see a collage by Richard Tuttle. Paper making is an interesting process!

Some of the tools we used included a deckle, a screen, and stencils. The deckle and screen look like a picture frame with a net stretched across and attached it. The first thing we had to do was scoop up some pulp with our deckles. Pulp is made from dissolved or broken up paper material (Dieu Donne recycles!). The pulp felt really soft, like cotton. It’s made by putting paper material in something that looks like a giant blender. After scooping up the pulp the next thing we had to do was to press down on the screen so that some of the water was drained from the pulp. Lastly, we laid out our molds so that our sheet fell onto a smooth surface. We used stencils and different colored pulps to make custom designs on our sheets. When we were all done with our designs, we learned about the last step in the paper making process. The last step is to place the sheets on a press ( called “The Crusher”), squeeze all of the water out, and leave them in a dryer.

We have interviewed the students who went on the trip and asked them how they felt about it. One student said “It was awesome, I loved it! I also got to learn how paper was made which was extremely cool.” Another student said “It was really fun. I liked how we got to learn how paper was made and how we got to make our own colored paper and design it too!”

The education manager, Amy Jacobs, was so impressed with our work that she offered us first dibs on a grant they receive annually! Three classes will be able to attend the workshop for free!

Dieu Donne is great place worth checking out! I’m glad we were able to visit.