print City Bikes In The Bronx

Did you hear about the city bikes in the Bronx? Don`t  worry it is not that expensive it is only three dollars.

This is something that will help the environment. They will bring them in certain places. Their is a good number

of people that have different opinion for example one opinion from Maryam Ali: it is great so people have other

way of transportation. Giselle Medina: it makes it easier for transportation and helps people that don’t have

cars. Lea Caceres: you are giving people that don’t have bikes get a chance to ride them. In my opinion I

think it is great for people and it dose good  for the environment it will really help. Gentian Ademaj; It wold be a

great idea for the Bronx to have city bikes it will really help the environment. Fjoralba Ademaj: it’s good it is a type

of exercise.

Interview with Ms. Ayala

  1. What do you think o the Citi Bikes?  I think the Citi bikes are a great resource for community members. They are expensive to rent, which makes them less accessible but they’re a great way to have fun, get around quickly and take care of the environment. There are so many new bike paths in the Bronx! They have beautiful fauna and great views. It’s a great way to get around.
  2. Do you think it’s better than driving cars and would be better for the environment? I think it a lot better than driving cars. Personally I commute to work nearly everyday on my bike. I don’t have to worry about gas, tickets, traffic, parking, or being late. My bike ride is about 18 minutes from home to work; that’s about 10 minutes faster than driving and half the time it takes on the bus. You’re not polluting and it’s lots of fun. Anything that makes your carbon footprint smaller is good for the environment.
  3. Some people would disagree because more people can fit in cars and they’re faster/convenient. What kind of car would you recommend for people who aren’t cyclists? I know there are alot of Earth friendly vehicles in the market. I think the hybrids are a good option, electric cars are also another option. I think it’s important to actually find out how much less pollution these cars produce before deciding which one to buy.