Government complete shut down!

You may be asking yourself “What does it mean that there’s a Government shutdown?” well, to answer your question it means that people will not be paid from their jobs, the country could start to lose money as well. The government shutdown could cause tons of problems for many people everybody is losing valuable things during the shutdown like money.People who work in jobs like museums, national parks, etc would be greatly affected from this shutdown instead of being told to continue their work and not worrying about it they would be told to go home without being paid for their hard work. There’s no telling when a government shutdown could end it goes on for as long as it takes for the President to sign appropriations needed or for the Congress to pass a funding deal. Only 5 days will be enough for millions of people to be affected by the shutdown but the shutdown this year has going on for 20 days ever since late December and there’s no telling when it will all be over.