Bridges Adventure

Mariah Singleton, Staff Reporter

Do you know who Ruby  bridges is?If you don’t

than let me tell you. Ruby Bridges was born in a very small cabin near Tylerton, Mississippi until the family moved to New Orleans because they had a very few amount of money. This meant Ruby had to start in a new school at Frantz Elementary school. The first day she went to school a big mob of angry white people gathered around six year old Ruby Bridges and wanted to hurt Ruby and get her out of not only the school but there whole town. Because of Ruby being in the school the parents in the town took their kids out of that school because they did not want their kids socializing with Ruby. This lead to Ruby being the only one left in the school. Even though Ruby was alone and people did not want her in the town she went to school everyday with a smile on her face. this lead her to be a symbol for the vulnerability that all black Americans faced. She was a very strong girl and went through a lot and still stayed strong. These are some of the many reasons I picked to write about Ruby Bridges and her adventures.

Check out this student created documentary about Ruby Bridges: