Drop. Stop. And Roll!

Fire Prevention Week. Are you ready for the 13th,14th, 15th and 16th of May? Firer fighters are taking off on their busy day to see us on these days! On these days they are not just coming to check out our school. They are coming to teach us about how to avoid a fire. From experience, I know they show us an fire alarm and how it sounds. They also mention how its good that we have fire drills in case of an emergency. Everyone thinks fire never happens, but they don’t even know how to survive in one. In fact they have a day where you get to go to the smoke house the fire fighters own. Firer Fighters show us how fire alarms sound, and how it sound when you need to put in new batteries. They tell you how to survive a fire. They talk about how if there is a fire in a fire proof building and your in a aparment that doesnt have a fire. There are many more things too. Enjoy the experience!