My BTS Concert Experience

Lea Caceres

The hit boy group BTS is taking over the world rapidly. Fans waited for them outside for their next appearance. Their concerts sell out in a heartbeat making it extremely difficult for fans to buy tickets, but luckily for me I had the chance to see BTS during their tour, Love Yourself: Speak Yourself at the Metlife Stadium. The process of purchasing the tickets, surprisingly wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. My mom and I were able to buy tickets for both of us near the stage. We weren’t far from it at all! This was a relief! We purchased the tickets in advanced, in fact three months in advanced but three months felt like three years to me. I spent hours preparing and deciding what to bring with my mother and even more hours planning what to wear. Then…the day finally came and my mom and I couldn’t wait. A surprise that came with driving to the stadium was that there wasn’t as much traffic as we thought there would be, the ride was nice and smooth. Once we parked in the stadiums parking lot, I realized this was really happening, I was going to meet the famed BTS for the very first time (mind you this was my first concert as well so this meant a lot to me). Walking into the stadium, I was surrounded by ARMY’s (the BTS fan base) and I loved it, it felt nice being around thousands of people who love BTS just as much as I do. We took our seats and waited excitedly for the concert to begin. 7:35PM the concert started…all seven members walked out in fancy white outfits performing their song “Dionysus” while fans screamed for them with excitement. I was screaming just as loud as everybody else was. It was the greatest thing I had ever experienced. The band members sang and danced along to their beautiful songs hyping the crowd throughout the entire concert. But alas, all good things must come to an end and the concert’s end was growing near. My favorite member, RM, gave a beautiful speech in English about how BTS went from nothing to something. He shared how ARMY made everything possible for them and how ARMY made them shine bright. At this point I was in tears. It was great to see how humble they were despite their quick rise to fame. They said their goodbyes, ARMY said their goodbyes and the concert was over. I went to sleep peacefully remembering those beautiful 4 hours. Throughout the entire concert you could tell all seven members were really passionate in what they were doing, they had fun, did their best, and put on an amazing performance for 50,000 people. You could see how humble they all were and they continued to make ARMY happy. BTS has inspired me to speak for myself and love myself no matter what. If you have the money I fully recommend that you attend a BTS concert and experience the amazing emotions that I went through. Give their music a listen. What music inspires you?