Owais Alsilwi

  1. Hi my name is Owais Alsilwi .
  2. I am born in the Bronx 2010 DECEMBER 23  .
  3. With my mom , dad and my big sister .
  4. I am 8 years old and my favorite sport is soccer and my favorite color is black , red ,white.
  5. So if you didn’t know I had stitches on my chin it was really  painful that it even brought tears to my eyes, but when they put the alcohol it made me scream. if you are wondering how much stitches I had I have 7 stitches.
  6. Now I am going to tell you my morning routine. I  always wake up and  brush my teeth and than I pray. After I fix my bed ,I make my father coffee and  go to school.
  7. when I was in kindergarten in the summer I went to Yemen and Egypt. In Yemen we went to the zoo when I saw two monkeys come out of its cage  and chase me and my aunts. Then they stole peanuts and ate some.
  8. In Egypt I saw the three pyramids and we swam in the hotels.  we also toke a lot of pictures.
  9. That’s the highlights of my life:).