Life of a Fourth Grader

Owais Alsilwi, Staff Reporter

  1.          Hi I am Owais and I am here with my friend Zacharia. We are all fourth graders with our teacher Ms. Ayala. In her class it’s pretty cool with Ms. Ayala. Every day we do something called “choice”. It’s where we play and learn some stuff for fifteen minutes. We get to test our friends with flashcards, make symmetrical shapes, build geometric shapes, and work with plants. After our choice time, we have a meeting that we call “circle”. It’s where we show and tell about special and important things or share our feelings. After that, we do our morning work out where we exercise and get ready for the day. Then we check our homework. Afterwards, we do ELA or follow the schedule. If we have math we do math first then we do a fun math game every week. We play a game called “I have Who has” and we competed with Mrs. Fiorino’s class. They currently have the record time! Everyday we go to lunch and eat then we go outside and play. After lunch, we read for 15 minutes and end the day with Harry Potter (book 2). I hope you have Ms. Ayala for fourth grade.  💖✌