Why aren’t other types of denomination on ” bulldog bucks?”

Bashar Assaedi, Staff Reporter

Do you ever think that we should have different values on bulldog bucks? Me too. I think we should have five dollars and ten dollars. The five dollars should say,”Exceeding Student is”…. and then it would say,”Addressed By”… The ten would say “Awesome Student is” and the rest would be the same as the five dollar bulldog buck. If I made them, they would be exactly the same as the normal one dollar bulldog buck with the bulldog on it and would say the name of our school. It would also say,”P.S.83 Reserve Note” at the top middle. LET”S PROTEST FOR THESE BULLDOG BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

An important part of my bulldog buck is the color. The normal bulldog buck’s color could be, mostly a shade of yellowish orange. Some are purple and blue. My color would be silver for the five dollar and light green for the ten dollar. The purpose of these is for really special kids. Some kids really deserve this. Also, instead of writing “x5 or x10” you could just have these bulldog bucks. Another reason I would like these is because, some kids have lots of bulldog bucks and might loose some, but, my bulldog bucks are one large number so kids who have a lot can’t loose them.  I hope you agree with me. Do you have another price for bulldog bucks?