The SpiderWick Chronicles The Field Guide

Kenan Cecunjanin, Staff Reporter

I would like to introduce The SpiderWick Chronicles (from the main character’s point of view). 🙂

Hi my name is Jarred Grace.  I am a twin.  My brother’s name is Simon. I moved to my aunt’s house.The night I arrived, there was a sound in the wall.The next day I found a little secret library. I found a key in a chest in the corner. I opened it and saw a book that said on the front Author Spiderwicks Field Guide. That night I read the book It was crazy it was about fairy’s. Of coarse I did not believe it but it was true! I found a little creature it’s name was Thiple Tack he was the House brownie. Jarred had a sister Mallory. When Jarred showed her Thiple Tack she freaked out. Simon was perfectly fine he loved weird things. Their aunt Lucinda knew Thiple Tack forever. It was strange she never said anything about fairy’s. The week after that Jarred,Simon and Mallory found out that their mom divorced their dad. Their aunt Lucinda told them how her dad left them. He took the Field Guide with him. How did it end up in the house? Find out more in book two, titled Lucinda’s secret.