Weather Changes

Natalie Sanchez, Staff Reporter

MORRIS PARK AVE – If you live in New York or even in Morris Park, you may have experienced weather changes going on around here. One day, it could be foggy in the morning and hard showers in the evening and night, and then the nex day could have snow drizzles in the morning and sunlight in the evening.

Weather changes can be very dangerous. It can cause tordos, twisters, or hurricanes. 2 years ago in 2012, Hurricane Sandy occured here in New York.

As a result of weather changes, it can gives good and bad results, however, they’re mostly bad. The good result is that family and friends can enjoy time together, in their homes or outside. The bad result is that many homes can be damaged.

Most people don’t mind about the weather cahnges going on, however, they really should. Weather changes have very bad results occuring in the area they’re surrounded by.

Weather changes are bad and good, but definetly something people should be aware of. This is the official article of “Weather Changes”.