Spelling Bee Revolution

Carinna Sarmiento, Reporter

P.S. 83– Carinna Sarmiento a really good idea. She thinks the school should host a spelling bee. Carinna has asked the principal,Mr.Muccino,and assistant principal,Mr.Sorell to host one.

Both seem to have an agreement on the idea.”I think it’ll be a great idea and we’ll try to make a spelling bee”, says Mr.Muccino.”It seems there are many great spellers in the building,but I will try to ask other faculty members”, replied Mr.Sorell.

Carinna will try to recruit at least 20 students who agree on the idea. Carinna will also try to ask around fourth grade teachers of P.S 83 if they think a spelling bee would be a good idea. What do you think? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.