Missing Plane In Malaysia

Natalie Sanchez, Staff Reporter

MALAYSIA – A plane crashed in Malaysia, and it’s missing. Vietnamies and Thai people are in rage that their relatives and close friends are missing, and they are on strike.

The plane has been missing for the past few weeks, and they don’t know where it crashed. Is it on land, sea, possibly even going to be lost for a very long time?

Well, the news is spreading out, which is making things better. People get more information on the situation, therefore, they might be able to track down where the plane crashed.

The reason why Vietnamies and Thai people are on strike because their relatives and close friends are lost on the plane. They place the blame on the 2 pilots because they played a special part in a plan they were planning to turn before saying “Good night” to the passengers.

Nobody knows if the pilots had to do with the plans or if they were “bribed” to do the plan on the plane. It’ll always be a mystery to us, no matter what.