Flat Stanley


Jolene C. Vasquez, Staff Reporter

ANNEX- Together with Ms.Gutterman class 2-220 and 2-221 read Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a children’s book written by Jeff Brown. It is about a boy named Stanley Lambchop who is flattened when his bulletin board falls off the wall and on him.

As  a culminating activity the students created thier own flat person and had to write about their adventures. Laurena in class 2-221 says,’Reading the book was super! I think it is full of happiness to my heart! It was a book that teaches you that you can be anything and anybody you want to be. It raised my smile meter! It glued on a smile to my face. I LOVED the book!”

Since Stanley is FLAT he is able to slip under doors, fly like a kite…pretty much go anywhere he wants!

Laurena says the following about the project with Ms. Gutterman, “Making my own flat adventure was a 4,000 out of 4! I think that we should have 2,001 adventures in one life.”

The project was an awesome idea!photo-1 photo-2