El Nino: A Warm Winter?

Natalie Sanchez

January 13, 2016

EAST COAST - During half of the 2015-16 winter (from mid-September to December), instead of the usual winter-weather being 0 to 30 degrees, it was in the high 60s to even low 80s. It is because of El Niño. El Niño  is a serie...

Kobe Bryant Retiring

Samuel Buena, xXReporterXx

January 6, 2016

LOS ANGELES- Who is your favorite Lakers player? Lakers player Kobe Bryant is now retiring after twenty seasons. The star has scored many points for the Los Angeles Lakers. He feels like he's served the Lakers well. This is his...

Bike Race the Cool and Crazy Mobile app

Edwin Rodigue

January 6, 2016

Hey there. A game called Bike Race. There is a ton of different mode and crazy cool in app purchases. There is crazy cool stunts. Well, maybe things are not that crazy cool. Here are some modes. Single Player Play a lot...

Winter Break, is it really a break?

Sara Pekic, Staff Reporter

January 6, 2016

TO MUCH HOMEWORK- winter break is supposed to be a week off for the holidays and the new year. So that we can spend time with our families. But a big problem that a lot of kids always stress about, is the large amounts of homework...

If Walls Could Speak

Leilani Sanchez

January 6, 2016

Do you know the story of stairway B?I was told the story by the annex art teacher,Mrs.Brown.A few years ago,there was an art contest.Mrs.Brown was a contestant.Other artists were in the contest too. That's on the first flo...

Food Drive is in Full-Affect

Natalie Sanchez

January 6, 2016

P.S. 83 SCHOOL WIDE - P.S. 83's annual "Food Drive" is in full-affect! The purpose of the Food Drive is for our students and staff members to bring in as many canned-foods as possible. Once our time is up to bring in the ...

Are you keeping your resolution?

Angelica Diaz, Staff Reporter

January 6, 2016

Happy New Year P.S 83 students!!!! So, you know how some people make New Year resolutions? Well, those of you who have, may I ask you, are you keeping your resolution? Well if you are, that is good news. But if you are or hav...

Paris attacks!

Lea Caceras

January 6, 2016

Did you know that Paris had a terrorist attack,it was so tragic and disappointing,many people have died during the attack so many people have lost their family members!Many people have said that their was a war during a Paris...

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