2019-2020 Staff

Sara Syku


My name is Sara Syku. I have been in Newspaper since the 4th grade, so, this is my 3rd year of Newspaper. I am currently in The volleyball team and I am Student Council. However, I still found room in my extremely busy schedule...

Alisa Ponari


Hi! My name is Alisa! Welcome to my page. I will be telling you a bit about me and what i like to do. First thing is that i love reading. It's one of my favorite subjects! Another thing about me is that I love cats. In fact cat...

Zacharia Obeid


Hi my name is Zacharia  I was born in  June 25 2010. I was born in america in queens. when i was a half a year i went to Yemen to visit  my family. my grandpa always takes me and my cousins out to his hotel. but  its not actually...

Ayanna Drummond


Hello my name is Ayanna. I have been going to P.S83  for 2 years. I want to share some things about me . Im a average nine year old. I love to bake, read, write, paint, and listen to cool music! I also like to entertain myself w...

Abriela manthorne


Hi, my name is Abriela Manthorne , I'm 9 years old. I live with my mom and pet fish blue. I'm in Fourth Grade in P.S. 83 . My best friend's name is Isabella.B.Some of my friends names are Nea,Alisa,Jamie,Felix,Alexis,Samantha,Namia,and...

Mariah Singleton

Staff Reporter

HI my name is Mariah, I will be telling you a bit about myself. The first thing I want to tell you about myself is that I was born on 9/9/2009. This makes me ten today. Another thing about me is I really like dogs like A LOT....

Sophia Roldan

Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Sophia but some people call me Sophie.  My birthday is July 11 on a Sunday. My top 3 favorite colors are pink, blue, and purple. I am a student at P.S.83 .I am 9 years old and I am in 4th grade. I have a twin sister...

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