Hi my name is Zacharia  I was born in  June 25 2010. I was born in america in queens. when i was a half a year i went to Yemen to visit  my family. my grandpa always takes me and my cousins out to his hotel. but  its not actually a hotel its abandoned.

At age 4 I went to the United States of America to go to school. I started kindergarten in a school after that I went to P.S. 83.  First grade was pretty easy but second grade wasn't easy I LEARNED 100 10 1 and alot of writing. next was third grade I learned times tables also fractions. Now I am here typing this message to you!

I hope you liked my writing as much as i liked writing it byyyyyyyyyyyyye!!!!!!!

Zacharia Obeid, reporter

The student news site of P.S. 83 Donald Hertz
Zacharia Obeid